The Eyes On Site™ System

What is the Eyes On Sitesystem?

Eyes On Site is a system that allows you to view your site on any display remotely. The system consists of EOS Field Devices, the Luau Cloud Server, and your Display.EOS Field Devices, the Luau Cloud Server., and your Display

EOS Field Devices

The EOS Field Network is secure and encrypted. These devices are either uplinks with cameras or sensors.


The displays are your 24/7 view of your site. Manage your site personally or have us manage it with our turn-key system.

Luau Cloud Server

Upload pictures and sensor data to the cloud using an EOS Cloud Link. EOS Private Cloud is a server and storage pre-configured by Luau Data Corp.

How does it work together?


monitor your site with your eos field devices

EOS Field devices are the first step in the system. These outdoor devices are either cameras or sensors and communicate with each other, and they take information via photos and sensory data about your site.


Have all images and sensor information uploaded to the cloud

McDougall Stoney Mission Church

Luau Cloud Server acts as a record of your site. The outdoor devices constantly record information, and with an uplink device, uplink devices will upload all your site's data to the cloud. Your cloud can be managed privately through your I.T service or by our turn-key system.


View your site information from the cloud on any device

The displays allow you to access all the photos and sensory data for the whole history of your site at any time.