Eyes On Site™ Applications

Eyes On Site saves time, money and worry

There are several applications including: Construction project management, Oilfield operations, Site reclamation, Environmental monitoring, Rural properties , Custom projects.

Application: Construction Project Management

Images courtesy of Parks Canada Agency

All of the pictures and video in this section were taken with Eyes On Sitetm equipment. The time-lapse videos are generated directly from the system using a built-in movie feature

Application: Oilfield Operations

Nothing unusual is supposed to happen on most oilfield operating sites, and mostly nothing does, but leaks and failures happen occasionally and can have huge consequences. Here an operator checks on a pipeline riser. This site has a valve with remote control, and the state of the valve is visible in the picture (its open handle horizontal along the pipe), but the operator still visits occasionally to make sure nothing else is wrong.

Other oilfield sites have problems with theft, vandalism, livestock, or operating parts that fail (such as pumpjack motors and pipeline compressors), so they need more visits for more time and money, mostly to discover that nothing has happened.

Application: Site Reclamation

Site reclamation is required on abandoned oilfield sites, but similar remediation is used for mines, old industrial sites, and “brownfield” construction sites. The process often takes years of waiting interspersed with frantic activity. In this video topsoil is being replaced on an oilfield site that has been excavated, remediated and recontoured. The final steps are topsoil and then re-seeding.

This Eyes On Site™ camera was installed by the landowner. The images are hazy because the camera has been unattended for more than a year so the lens dusty from the earth moving. The field of view sways because the camera is mounted on a tree and the wind is blowing. There is no building or AC power within half a mile of this site.

Application: Environmental Monitoring

Many projects require an environmental baseline before work begins, and possibly additional monitoring during and after completion. Eyes On Site™ is ideal for this application because these sites often have no services, and Eyes On Site doesn’t need any. A timelapse for any chosen time of day can be produced directly from the web interface.

Application: Rural Properties

Rural properties, including farms and rural residential, have a constant problem with crime and intermittent policing. The problem is worse if the owners leave seasonally or on vacation.

Application: Special Projects

Eyes On Site can be customized for a huge variety of custom surveillance and monitoring projects

nasa project

Camera Applications

The EOS210 camera body can be configured with 1 or 2, 8MP or 16MP swivel cameras, and the device includes a quad-core high-speed image processor that is capable of still image or video editing, as well as simple scene recognition.