The Eyes On Sitesystem devices can all join an EOS Field Network, and all devices are solar powered except for the EOS Powered Uplink

Device roles include uplink, camera, sensor, and camera. All devices are either industrial or hazardous.

Camera Devices

Camera devices take pictures and video clips in response to a timer, nearby motion, user command, or a signal from a nearby EOS Field Device.

Sensor Devices

Sensor devices recognize simple or complex sounds, vibration, motion or other inputs, and respond by signaling an event. The event can trigger a camera, send a message, increment a counter, or simply be recorded for later use.

Specialty Sensors

Specialty sensor devices recognize people or vehicles passing by on a road or trail.

For special projects, Luau Data Corp has produced specialty sensors such as this wind and weather sensor, used in a NASA project to study air traffic control for urban delivery drones.

Do you have a specialty sensor requirement? EOS devices can interface to a wide variety of external sensors and can synthesize custom events from internal and external sensors using Machine Learning. For example, an EOS Sensor can learn the normal vibration of a motor and raise an event if something changes, maybe due to a cracked bearing or loss of oil pressure.

Uplink Devices

Uplink devices connect an EOS Field Network to the cloud. For speed and redundancy, an EOS Field Network can have any number of Uplink Devices, or possibly none at all. Some Camera Devices include an Uplink feature, so the simplest EOS Field Network is a single camera. In that case, uplink is via the cell network. In a Field Network with no cameras, or only satellite cameras, a dedicated solar Uplink Device can provide cell network uplink with or without pictures. On an outdoor site with a powered building, such as a farmhouse or business office, a powered Uplink can provide a cloud uplink using wifi instead of the cell network, usually at a cost savings. A Field Network with no internet connection can still record pictures and data locally, and this data can be retrieved wirelessly from a cell phone or tablet using the Eyes On Sitetm app.