Eyes On Site™

Surveillance and Monitoring for outdoor sites with no electrical power.

Solar cameras and sensors run day and night with no external connections, mount on any post, rail or tree branch all weather, all seasons, and work in the rain, snow, hail or blistering heat.

Solar cameras and sensors are connected to the cloud.

See your outdoor site on any web browser or mobile device. Get pictures and video clips triggered by time, nearby motion, or defined sensor events—record sensor data, including movement, sunlight, temperature, and specialty sensors.

Images courtesy of Parks Canada Agency

A sensor network wherever you put it!

Cameras and sensors self-organize to move their data. Choose zero, one or multiple cloud uplinks per site.

Scalable! Manage sites and regions geographically

Devices locate and map themselves by GPS. Manage any number of devices by list or map. Define your geographical regions and sites.

Safe, Secure and Reliable

Wireless data is encrypted, and devices validate each other. For hazardous sites, Safety Certified devices available for Zone 2.